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Fashion modeling… What a life!


Our site is designed to showcase fashion modeling and its related careers. We are proud to feature one of the world’s top modeling agencies and the most prestigious fashion show in the Western United States—FIDM’s Debut 2006.

We’ve also added info on super jobs to broaden your fashion career horizons. has the 411 on occupations you might not have even thought about. Be sure to check out our Careers page for more tips on the hottest employment opportunities in the fashion industry.

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L.A. Models Agency                        

L.A. Models... THE agency that transforms model wannabes into fashion superstars. It’s the agency whose models grace catwalks worldwide and stare back at us from magazine stands everywhere.

L.A. Models… the unmistakable image maker that serves up global fashion glamour we just can’t get enough of.

L. A. Models... legendary in the world of super model stardom. Their models race so fast to fame that they leave skidmarks.

This is the largest modeling agency on the West Coast and one of the most respected in the world. Considered one of the most powerful and successful agencies in the industry, L. A. Models is the promotional partner in the L. A. Looks Model Search Contest, an annual professional model search.

Everybody keeps telling you that you’ve got the look. But do you have that burning desire, that dedicated drive, and that insatiable appetite for super stardom?

If you do, then check out the powerhouse with all the fashion voltage.


FIDM’s Debut Fashion Show 2006

FIDM's Debut Fashion Show is the hottest ticket of the
year! (FIDM info)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for a model to strut and twirl on the catwalk of the most prestigious fashion show in the Western United States? Or how you would feel being in the audience on the front row where flashbulbs blind you and TV cameras abound? fashion show model

Imagine being either a participant or a spectator at this annual international fashion event hosted in the entertainment capital of the world… Los Angeles. Thousands come from every continent to see what FIDM unveils on the runway as next year’s wardrobe "must haves."

Costume designers for the Academy Award nominated movies breathlessly await being honored on the runway. Famous FIDM fashion designer alums [Kevan Hall, Estevan Ramos, Karen Kane, and Randolph Duke] mingle with the massive standing-room-only audience.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who actually attended this year, then click on our snapshot video for a virtual thrill.

Stay tuned… FIDM always brings the industry to its fashionable knees!!!

Click Here to vist the Debut 2006 website

Rebekah Huffman - Fashion Model, Stylist Rebekah Huffman
Model, Stylist,
Fashion Show
and Wedding Planner!

A resourceful woman can have many careers -- just ask former model, FIDM grad Rebekah Huffman who's already been a Fashion Show Producer, a Stylist, and now a Special Events Coordinator and Wedding Planner.

A Model’s Education

After high school graduation and several courses at a nearby junior college, Rebekah chose the Visual Communications major at FIDM/The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.   "I could go a lot of places with it. It's a broad major," she explains.  Even prior to graduation, via her own networking, Rebekah jump-started her career and began creating visuals for numerous companies.

The FIDM Career Planning and Placement Center helped her obtain a position at Nordstrom, where she dressed mannequins, worked with managers to rearrange the floor plans, did window displays, and worked with the store's museum cases.  While there, another very exciting career direction opened up for her. "They pulled me into the fashion office and I produced and coordinated all the fashion shows for the southwest region. It was very intense, and a great experience!" says Rebekah.

A Model’s Career and more

It was during this time that Rebekah was recruited to be a model. "When I was working at Nordstrom producing the fashion shows for them, I became friends with a lot of the models I was working with, and the agent asked me to join their agency," she remembers.   Yet, her chosen career won out.


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