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Fashion Director

  • Work with sales directors to market and give presentations to retailers and clothing manufacturers
  • Provide design direction to design teams of multiple brands
  • Ensure a creative and inspirational awareness of market trends of fabrics, colors, silhouettes, and styling
  • Provide information reports and strategic planning to Senior Management
  • Exhibit exemplary people management and interpersonal skills
  • Travel extensively

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Event Coordinator

  • Conceive, plan, develop, and coordinate all aspects of events
  • Execute precision and detail orientation from pre-event activities to post-event follow up
  • Interact with a variety of independent contractors such as caterers, prop houses, publications departments, celebrity agents, etc.
  • Handle logistics for print and non-print media, celebrity appearances, internal and external guests

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Fashion Show Coordinator

  • Produce and direct live and video fashion shows
  • Develop fashion show concept; design storyboards; write script; determine music needs
  • Conduct auditions and fitting with models
  • Choreograph entire show including staging, music, and lighting
  • Participate in all promotional activities duties and functions

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Public Relations Coordinator

  • Conceptualize and direct public relations and tradeshow activities
  • Direct and implements a company’s public relation strategies
  • Arrange tours, set up appointments for new product introductions, and follow up on day-to-day activities of events and promotions
  • Develop close relationships with print and non-print media representatives
  • Generate positive publicity to enhance the reputation of the client[s]
  • Provide news for the mass media journalists, as well as independent contractors
  • Manage media relations, announcements, editorial placement, and speaking engagements
  • Write press releases; hire models; book photographers
  • Handle requests for information and interviews
  • Create and develop special events programs
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously

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  • Organize and direct fashion show productions
  • Work with the Advertising Department to select the appropriate props to be used in photos
  • Strategize with Special Events personnel to select fashions and accessories to be used in videos, tv, movies and live performances
  • Prepare fashion merchandise for photographic representation using print or non-print media
  • Coordinate wardrobe for personal clients, celebrities, and models

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