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Textile Design

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Peggy Ellingson

Textile Designer

Fashion in Action

Knit Designer

  • Identify emerging trends and key items for the next seasons
  • Specialize in the creation of two-dimensional designs which are capable of being produced in a design repeat
  • Make up sets of sample designs
  • Maintain fabric design trend awareness through live presentations, print and non-print fashion publications
  • Produce sketches for presentation to customers
  • Travel to trade fairs, fashion shows, fiber, and fabric vendors

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Textile Stylist

  • Market research to bring innovative ideas and new fabrics technologies to the brand
  • Travel for research, as well as work with retailers and wholesalers on the brand direction
  • Drive the creative process for specific fibers and/or fabrics
  • Establish a customer need and fill it through advertising, promotions, and
  • Partner with Merchandising, Production, and Design departments to provide the fashion direction for designers and manufacturers
  • Develop color, print, woven, knit trends in the market
  • Create a clear concept and merchandising plan for each season detailing color, trend and styling
  • Utilize fashion models to show the fabric possibilities to fashion designers and
    trend researchers

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