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Product Development

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Ceil Kullman

Product Development Executive

Fashion in Action


  • Plan product categories
  • Determine the merchandising budget and set sales goals
  • Establish markup targets and potential profitability
  • Plan and direct all aspects of an organization’s product development policies, objectives, and initiatives
  • Research new products, product enhancements, and product redesigns
  • Evaluate the potential and practicality of products in development
  • Determine the quality level and price points for the goods to be carried
  • Provide information reports and strategic planning to Senior Management

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Product Designer / Product Specialist

  • Participate in the conceptual development of all product lines
  • Provide direction for color, silhouette, fabric and trim stories
  • Maintain responsibility for the entire product design process including market research, mood board creation, design processes, sketching, specing, and fit
  • Recommend seasonal themes; edit lines; develop innovative concepts
  • Research global markets in order to identify trends, fabrics, and techniques
  • Develop products from research to production to distribution to presentation and finally to the customer…for acceptance
  • Assess the competition and plan for future product lines
  • Strengthen the brand

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Product Manager

  • Utilize your creative problem solving techniques
  • Determine effective and efficient methods of mass producing garments
  • Maintain knowledge of the global fashion markets and international trade
  • Develop marketing, creative and product direction
  • Identify new products and vendors
  • Manage, develop, and implement product management activities to maximize sales of an assigned product line
  • Manage the product development process from concept through introduction
  • Conduct ongoing market research and identify new product extensions and new line development opportunities
  • Follow up with vendors on all details and timelines, both domestic and overseas
  • Provide information reports and strategic planning to Senior Management

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Showroom Manager

  • Provide information reports and strategic planning to Senior Management
  • Organize designer’s / manufacturer's collections
  • Show the line to buyers, print and non-print media
  • Handle multiple accounts
  • Take inventory of the merchandise
  • Process orders
  • Motivate the sales force
  • Establish a strong working relationship with department and specialty store buyers

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