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Apparel Manufacturing

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Tuesday Conner

Fashion in Action


  • Produce a business plan
  • Secure funding
  • Own your own business
  • Define and drive the creative vision of your company
  • Establish successful business models and best practices to ensure success
  • Develop a reputation for excellence in fashion design and manufacturing
  • Create high visibility with an understanding of design, manufacturing, branding, retailing, product development and licensing
  • Work with all staff and independent contractors

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Fit Specialist

  • Assist in fitting responsibilities with attention to efficiency and production
  • Resolve issues concerning sewing construction and fit in the production pattern fitting

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  • Work with the design staff to develop and execute merchandising plans for a specific or multiple set of product lines
  • Develop a skill set that includes product development, seasonal calendar trend
  • etting strategies, company profitability tactics, and fashion planning
  • Analyze competitive wholesale and retail business
  • Develop seasonal merchandising plan
  • Maintain a high level of creativity

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Sales Representative

  • Visit key stores to establish a one-on-one relationship with the retailer
  • Ensure stock is in a presentable condition
  • Set up Sales Events and new fashion deliveries following store manager directives
  • Provide consistent feedback and outstanding customer service to stores
  • Conduct seasonal training seminars for sales associates and store managers
  • Motivate store sales staff to sell the product[s]
  • Develop new business prospects
  • Interact with existing customers to increase sales of the organization’s products and/or services
  • Travel nationwide
  • Maintain fashion savvy knowledge of product

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Showroom Manager

  • Organize designer’s / manufacturer's collections
  • Show the line to buyers, print and non-print media
  • Handle multiple accounts
  • Take inventory of the merchandise
  • Process orders
  • Motivate the sales force
  • Establish a strong working relationship with department and specialty store buyers
  • Present line to print and non-print media

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