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Rebekah Huffman (continued)

A Model’s Career and more

Rebekah Huffman modeling

"With styling, I had a taste of what it's like being behind the camera," says Rebekah. "Standing in front of the camera you don't really get to be a part of that. What I love is the collaboration and the process of working on a project and having it unfold before your eyes. Creatively, modeling wasn't enough. I just did it for a little while and realized it wasn't for me."

Freelance styling was a natural transition following her FIDM graduation and several years with Nordstrom. She went out on her own and began styling photo shoots and low-budget movies.  After getting married and moving to Orange County, a suburb of Los Angeles, Rebekah began coordinating special events, weddings, and other social occasions.

"It's crazy, and it's fun, and the best part about it is that I'm a night owl, and if I feel like working 'til three o'clock in the morning in my pajamas, I can! It's not a nine-to-five thing."

Advice to Aspiring Models

Rebekah Huffman, fashion stylist, styling modelRebekah advises aspiring models, "Be realistic with yourself.  Models are accidents of nature! I wouldn't spend tons of money on getting a portfolio together. Just take a couple of photographs and go around to different agencies." For future Stylists, Rebekah recommends, "Be resourceful. Get your name out there, and don't be afraid to work on things for free. Networking is the most important thing for styling!"

"A good education, however, is the foundation necessary to ready oneself for the myriad of possibilities a fashion maven may choose from. Even if one is attractive enough for a career in modeling, there’s an entire world of creative and challenging jobs in the fashion industry that may prove to be more diverse and exciting."

Becoming a model is an exciting and lucrative career. Preparing for a lifelong career in the fashion industry is even better.


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